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                    Reminiscences on the EUROPA 2014
                    symposium: A new idea for Europe

                                                                                                                                                                         Michel SENIMON
                                                                                                                                                           General Delegate of EUROPA

                    The topic of the 18th symposium of the

                    EUROPAAssociation was controversy ... and

                    debates were heated, indeed! With

                    representatives of ten European countries:

                    Germany, Belgium, Bulgaria, Denmark,

                    Spain, France, Greece, Lithuania,

                    Luxembourg, Netherlands, Poland,

                    Romania, two MEPs: Jean-Paul DENANOT

                    (PES) and Françoise Castex, a member of             Experts of EUROPA Network surrounded european Deputy Jean Paul DENANOT and Christine
                    the European Commission, Séverin                    JOSSET VILLANOVA Administrator at the National Territorial Public Service Centre (1st row right)

                    GRANDCOLAS of DG Competition, the

                    symposium was an opportunity to affirm

                    the need to re-legitimise the European The notion of regulation is also very Affirming clear shared values for a European

                    idea.                                               important, but it raises questions because social project .....the EUROPA symposium

                                                                        of the heterogeneity of the status of has posed a challenge for all!

                    While competition is a means to achieve regulatory bodies, the extent of their scope

                    the internal market objective, to do this, of intervention (general or sectoral, The EUROPA symposium was also the

                    such competition is to be extended national or European ... ). Europe has occasion to sign two important partnership

                    progressively to new areas, it should not identified - especially in the Lisbon Treaty, agreements for this NGO:

                    become a value in its own right. One may but since the Treaty of Amsterdam, too -

2 well regret that the factsheets on the shared values, such as transparency, quality • the first - with the National Centre of the
           opening to competition of a number of of activities of general interest, universality Territorial Civil Service (CNFPT) -

                    activities of general interest (public ... these are the values that must restore strengthens 10-year collaboration with

                    services) are often scarce, although the the meaning in Europe, to ensure that our this national training institution and

                    European Commission has worked hard to citizens reinvest public space of discussion allows EUROPA to pursue its editorial

                    produce statistics. But the general opinion and the project.                                        adventure through the publication of the

                    is that often, Europe would question the                                                            Revue Européenne de l’Action Publique

                    missions of general interest ... And one can Now, they are at a loss, when they hear of ( E u r o p e a n R e v i e w o n P u b l i c

                    wonder about the logic behind the Europe which focuses on 'austerity packages' Administration);

                    disappearance of state monopolies only to to respect 'fiscal orthodoxy', the

                    be replaced by private oligopolies, not requirements in terms of deficit that result • the second - with the international

                    necessarily more open to the logic of in bankruptcies of companies and organisation NISPAcee (Network of

                    competition.                                        unemployment ...                                Institutes and Schools of Public

                                                                                                                        Administration in Central and Eastern

                                                                        Policy must not be subordinate to the Europe), which includes all Public

                                                                        economy, it must rather manage it, organise Administration Schools in Eastern

                                                                        it, via, among other things, regulatory European countries - strengthens the

                                                                        mechanisms.                                     capacity of EUROPA to build and facilitate

                                                                                                                        research projects at European level..

                                                                        Europe must be based on values which can

                                                                        integrate competition but fair, shared and

                                                                        constructive competition, and not

                                                                        competition which is imposed statistically.

                                                                        Fair for population, fair for regions, fair in  ba
                                                                        terms of fundamental rights of individuals.
                    Assembly Hall of the Regional Council of Limousin:  It cannot develop to the detriment of
                    over 150 participants followed the debates of 2014  freedoms; the concept must be perceived
                    EUROPA Symposium                                    in the context of a project of society that
                                                                        is not economic or financial.

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